CanWise prêteur hypothécaire

CanWise est un cabinet de courtage hypothécaire autorisée et un prêteur approuvé par la SCHL.

Features of a CanWise Mortgage:

  • Bridge financing - if you are selling a home at the same time as buying another one, we have bridge financing available
  • Portable - if you sell a property and buy another you could move your existing mortgage to the new property without a penalty
  • Standard charge - we register our mortgage as a standard charge (as opposed to a collateral charge), which makes it easier for you to switch lenders in the future
  • Lump sum prepayment privilege - Each year you are able to make additional lump sum payments, the total of which cannot exceed 20% of your original mortgage principal
  • Increase your regular mortgage payment - You may increase your regular payment by up to 20% of the original payment amount

NOTE: Conditions apply

Calculez votre frais de paiement anticipé et votre privilège de paiement anticipé:

Calculateur de remboursement anticipé


CanWise Lending Posted Rates:

Term Posted Rate
1 Year 2.49%
2 Year 2.24%
3 Year 2.14%
4 Year 2.09%
5 Year 1.94%

NOTE: These posted rates are used for prepayment penalty calculations