Online rates backed by offline service

At CanWise we are all about delivering the best mortgage rates to our customers as efficiently as possible. Our team of experienced agents will walk you through your mortgage options to ensure that you choose the most appropriate mortgage product at the best rate. 

2022 Mortgage brokerage Renamed to

We aim to simplify the customer experience. Now represents comparison and lender selection and CanWise is simply the name of our lender.

2020 CanWise became a mortgage lender

CanWise became a CMHC-approved mortgage lender.

2018 Launched CanWise Life Insurance Services

We launched our life insurance brokerage.

$11B+ Mortgages funded

We get the lowest rates for our customers because of our significant mortgage volume 

10,000 5-star Google and Facebook reviews

We are the highest-rated and most reviewed mortgage company in Canada

16 Lender partners

We work with big banks, small banks, credit unions, and trust companies to offer a broad range of options at the best rates

4x Mortgage Brokerage of the Year 

Top prize winner at the Canadian Mortgage Awards 4 years in a row (2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021)

CanWise team winning the Brokerage of the Year Award 2019


Customer Stories

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians obtain a mortgage, watch some of their stories below.

"CanWise educated us and made us very comfortable. Our agent just made it super easy!"

“We wanted to find the best rate out there, that’s why we went with CanWise. They helped guide us and went above and beyond their role as a mortgage specialist.”

“Our broker was always on top of everything and was proactive in contacting us. We got excellent service.”

“I had someone to ask anything about. My agent was knowledgeable and helped me through all my queries.”