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Eyal Friedman – February 16, 2024 - 11:54pm

Eyal Friedman

I worked with Alex Fedortsov who was very helpful in understanding the different mortgage options. The mortgage process can be stressful and require some back and forth in discussion, documents, reviews, etc. I appreciated Alex’s patience and that he took the time to answer my numerous questions. He was very helpful in finding me the appropriate option and best rates possible. Much appreciated Alex. Thank you!

Matthew Lauzon – February 12, 2024 - 9:05pm

Matthew Lauzon

This is the second time my wife and I have used Diane Sousa as a mortgage broker. She made everything extremely easy and made us both feel comfortable throughout the process. She was prompt, professional and organized. We would recommend Diane to anyone looking for a mortgage.. Thank you Diane.

Natalie K – February 8, 2024 - 5:36pm

Natalie K

I worked with David Sherman and he provided me with a lot of guidance, help and information. The mortgage process is always stressful but David provided me with sound advice which helped me make informed decisions along the way. He was also able to get me an even lower rate just before I closed on my property! I could have ported my mortgage with my previous lender but their rate wasn’t competitive enough, even with the penalty. I’m glad I made the switch and highly recommend working with RateHub. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek their services should any other lending needs arise.

Jim Hendrix – February 8, 2024 - 5:07pm

Jim Hendrix

Diane Sousa helped us out, getting us an amazing rate compared to others... she's well versed with the market while dealing with more than typical terms... own8ng rentals demands a ton more information relayed between herself and lenders, she did AMAZING!!! Kept both parties in the loop throughout the entire process... I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone!!! Go for it!!! Jump both feet first...

Joey Chan – February 8, 2024 - 4:54pm

Joey Chan

Domenic help me close my mortgage renewal in such a small window, it was nothing short of amazing. He was great at following up phone calls and inquiries, keeping me updated on the ever changing interest rates. It was a painless process overall. Most of the application is online, which helps to fit into my busy schedule.

Shirley Wu – February 8, 2024 - 1:59pm

Shirley Wu

Definitely highly recommended. My Mortgage agent is Domenic Passero. He is nice and professional. They have very low Mortgage rates and are easy to communicate with. Their partner legal service fct is great too. Thanks to his help, my case closed smoothly and quickly. I am so happy now.

Lana – February 2, 2024 - 12:53pm


I'm very happy about my mortgage application experience with Jeffrey at Ratehub. He were a great help for the closing. He was given a short period of time to work with during holiday season and still achieved result that exceeded my expectation. I would not hesitate to seek help from Ratehub again in the future and I would recommend their excellent services.

Lojayna Sherif – January 29, 2024 - 4:02pm

Lojayna Sherif

The experience has been great. Domenic was so helpful every step of the way and supported with all our questions. I appreciate his prompt feedback and even following up when there was a problem in the closing and ensured it got resolved. The cherry on top is the online system with canwise that we can track our payments and do some requests online which was great and time saving. Thank you

Taher F – January 19, 2024 - 12:18pm

Taher F

I love dealing with David Sherman from Ratehub. He responds to my inquiries promptly and always try his best to provide the best solution as per the client needs. I referred my sister to him and they were also very satisfied with his service. Thanks David for all your hard work and looking forward to do more business in future!

Paul Hayward – January 18, 2024 - 10:42am

Paul Hayward

The ink is still drying on our new mortgage deal with and I couldn't be happier. After years of being skeptical to leave the big banks, we just signed on to a new mortgage with a MUCH better rate than our bank could offer. There was more to the application process than I thought there would be, but Alexey Fedortsov, our broker agent, handled everything from day one until the deal was complete. He was fantastic to work with, courteous, prompt and very patient with my endless questions. Very impressed and pleased with the experience so far.

Andrea Lindsay – January 14, 2024 - 1:36am

Andrea Lindsay

We had the opportunity to work with Kevin Chu who is so skilled and patient. Kevin was persistent, in the best kind of way and so knowledgeable with the ability to listen to our needs and present a variety of opportunities. He has an open mind to understand, and problem solve through the complexities of challenging scenarios. You have made a huge difference in our lives and we are so appreciative. You were so easy to work with and we will continue to tell everyone about you. Many thanks, Andrea Lindsay

Marco Ferrone – January 12, 2024 - 3:13pm

Marco Ferrone

Very happy with Rstehub. Saved thousands on our new mortgage! There’s a lot of steps to renewing a mortgage when you switch providers. Hemesh was amazing. Patient. Super helpful and always responded to questions and concerns promptly. He guided us through it and followed through on everything. Couldn’t have asked for a better broker to help us through it, especially starting the process later than we should have.

Lan P – January 9, 2024 - 4:52pm

Lan P

During the last week of October 2023, my husband and I were scrambling to find a mortgage broker to help us with the closing of our new construction home. Everything did not go as we planned, as we could not sell our current home and were forced to close the new one in this crazy market. We had no choice but to go with the private lender and we were SHOCKED by how cutthroat this market sector was. We were feeling cheated everywhere we inquired, left and right with all the hidden fees that come with the private lending game. Then I found Mike Bricknell! Mike was very HONEST and STRAIGHTFORWARD with us. He explained all the terms clearly, so you know exactly what you are signing up for. And most importantly, he was able to help me close my house in 7 days from the date I first contacted him with an incredibly competitive rate. My experience dealing with Mike made me change my whole perspective about mortgage agents. Mike was fast answering my calls and emails. He always updated me with my file (application) before the end of day, so I didn’t have to go to bed worry about my file. Mike helped us make the right decision at the most confused, difficult time. I would love to recommend Mike to anyone out there who is currently looking for a true, trusted mortgage broker, who can provide you with professional and ethical expertise to help you close properly the biggest purchase of your life. Mike, once again, thank you for your great service and we are looking forward to working with you once we are ready to switch our mortgage to a conventional mortgage.

Shane Smyth – January 3, 2024 - 10:14am

Shane Smyth

I had an excellent experience working with Eric Milicevich at Ratehub. He is a consummate professional whose commitment to customer service is extraordinary. He got me an exceptional mortgage rate that was dramatically better than what I was offered by the two banks with whom I have a relationship. He is extremely knowledgeable and always addressed any questions I had promptly and thoroughly. He made the entire process very smooth and easy, and moved things forward in a highly organized and proactive manner. I highly recommend working with Eric on your mortgage.

Meaghan Reinecke – January 2, 2024 - 9:54am

Meaghan Reinecke

Alexey was very responsive and so efficient -- the whole process was very clear from start to finish. Our signing officer Paul was great, too - personal, friendly, and so fast. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to renew.

Stephanie P – December 31, 2023 - 3:18pm

Stephanie P

It was our first time buying a home and we didn’t know what to expect. And the type of person that I am I tend to panick and easily get anxiety over anything and everything. So you could only imagine what I put Danny S. through. But Danny was amazing! He was very patient, polite and answered all my questions, and trust me I had a lot of questions. He responded to my emails and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I couldn’t have asked for more from him. Overall, he made my experience with him very easy and straightforward and that helped calm my nerves. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Minh Huynh – December 24, 2023 - 3:58pm

Minh Huynh

We used ratehub for our mortgage finder, found the best rate, lowest than any other financial institutions, and saved thousands. Eric M. was great and got us all setup way in advance of the closing date. Highly recommended.

Cynthia Wong – December 22, 2023 - 3:05pm

Cynthia Wong

I'm so glad I was able to work with Kaunain Taki to get my latest mortgage. He actively sought lower rates and kept me informed with next steps or outstanding tasks. He made the process less stressful than it would have been otherwise. Highly recommend, and would work with again in the future. Thanks!

Narwal Ashish – December 21, 2023 - 9:32pm

Narwal Ashish

I had an amazing experience with Abdul from ratehub. From day 1 he has provided me with excellent customer service. He did tons of follow up for me with the banks and got me the best rate. I would recommend him as he is an honest and reliable individual.

Jason Nott – December 16, 2023 - 8:40pm

Jason Nott

We used Ratehub to renew our mortgage. Robert Cullen got us the lowest rate available at the time. Robert was always available to answer any questions. Simple process. Other than the signing appt when they come to your house, everything else was done online. Would definitely recommend.

Shelley P – December 15, 2023 - 12:22pm

Shelley P

Just switched to Ratehub/Canwise for our mortgage and so far we are thrilled with our decision! They offered the best rate of everyone we looked into, everyone we've spoken with has been great to deal with, and our rep, Trina is fantastic! She's very quick to respond to my emails and I am very confident in her knowledge and expertise. She even gave me advise on how to deal with an issue I was having with our former lender. The online portal is very user friendly and actually fun to explore. Best decision we could have made!!

vanita patel – December 7, 2023 - 1:29pm

vanita patel

An absolute pleasure working with Mitul Patel. My partner & I were first-time home buyers and we're glad Mitul helped us every step of the way to ensure we got a great lender with a great mortgage. He secured the best available rate for us. Took the time to assess our needs, walk us through multiple vendors, available anytime to talk through our questions (and we had several of them!) and finally, help us decide what was best for us. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

stone011ca – December 1, 2023 - 7:12pm


Kevin is the expert mortgage agent. It was easy, reliable and worry free experience. Also, the rate is competitive. He showed all possible options with numbers to help my decision. The team did care the closing even if I was not in Canada because of the travel on the closing date. I highly recommend Canwise or Ratehub for the mortgage application.

Christian Gorenflo – November 27, 2023 - 3:55pm

Christian Gorenflo

I had a great experience working with David Sherman. He was knowledgeable and always helpful, responded quickly to any questions I had and followed up actively when necessary. As the purchasing process for my apartment took a while, the pre-approval for the mortgage had to be refreshed a couple of times. During all of this he helped me make informed decisions and adjust the parameters of the mortgage contract to address changing interest rates. I highly recommend him!

Agata Trzcinska – November 21, 2023 - 7:59pm

Agata Trzcinska

If you're looking for an expert mortgage agent, I highly recommend Danielle Best. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and made the entire process seamless and stress-free. From the very beginning, she took the time to understand my financial situation and goals, and she was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. One of the things I appreciated most about Danielle was her friendly and approachable demeanor. She made me feel like I was a valued client, and she never once made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. She was also incredibly patient, and she was always willing to go the extra mile to help me find the best mortgage rate and terms for my needs. I was particularly impressed with Danielle's ability to adapt to my changing situation. As my financial circumstances evolved throughout the mortgage process, she was able to quickly and efficiently adjust my loan application to ensure that I was still able to qualify for the best possible rates. In addition to her expertise and adaptability, Danielle was also incredibly creative in coming up with solutions that fit my comfort level. She presented me with several different mortgage options to choose from, and she took the time to explain each option in detail so that I could make an informed decision. I am so grateful for Danielle's hard work and dedication. She is one of the best mortgage agents I have ever worked with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a qualified and experienced professional. I will definitely be coming back to her for my future mortgage needs, and I have already been recommending her to my friends and family. In fact, I can confidently say that Danielle Best is the best mortgage agent in the business. And that's not just because her name is Best, but because she truly is the best!

Bryn Davies – November 21, 2023 - 7:57pm

Bryn Davies

As a first-time homebuyer, getting a mortgage was a daunting and intimidating prospect. Or at least should have been, if not for the exceptional assistance of Robert Cullen. He walked us through every step of the process, always on hand to explain things or update us on the status of everything. Buying our home was a stressful process, but Robert's help made the mortgage side of it a piece of cake and he got us a great rate too. I would overwhelmingly recommend his services.

Dhwani Sondhi – November 20, 2023 - 1:24am

Dhwani Sondhi

It was an awesome experience working with Kaunain Taki. I bought my first home and was very stressed during the process but Kaunain with extreme patience answered my all questions and helped me feel better in all stages of the process. He is very detail oriented and provide updates regularly. He is highly available and responsible. He got me the best rate in the market as promised and helped in pushing the banks for quicker responses whenever needed. During the whole process, he helped pushing for lower rates for me. I would highly recommend working with him for your mortgage. I will definitely be reaching out to him again in the future!

Mel Misner – November 3, 2023 - 12:12pm

Mel Misner

Jeroen Vernon was amazing throughout entire process. First time going through a broker and he answered all my questions and made us very comfortable. His help and continuity of care far exceeded what our bank offered us and was one of the many reasons why we chose to move forward with this company. Thank you!

Cam Bradfield – November 2, 2023 - 1:19pm

Cam Bradfield

I had a wonderful experience dealing with Robert. He was always kind and respectful during our interactions. I appreciated his knowledgeability and the fact that he was patient and always available any time I called or emailed him. Would highly recommend using him for your mortgage needs!

Ismail EL SAYAD – November 1, 2023 - 4:26pm


Brian was the best to work with and we had the best experience! I was very impressed with his responsiveness and knowledge of the mortgage process throughout the entire process of applying for a mortgage. He secured the best available rate for us. I would recommend him to anyone needing a mortgage

Garry Paul – October 27, 2023 - 4:46pm

Garry Paul

We had a great experience working with Danielle B. to determine the best option for our family when our mortgage came up for renewal. She was professional, courteous, and provided us with sound knowledge to make the best decision for us. We strongly recommend her for all your mortgage needs. Thanks Danielle!

Allysa G – October 25, 2023 - 8:56pm

Allysa G

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Vladimir Stanev. His exceptional service, patience and guidance along the way was very much appreciated! He responded to all our inquires in a timely manner, provided updates and always went above and beyond when answering our questions. He showed genuine interest in making sure everything went well for us. We can’t thank him enough for making this an stress-free experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home. We will definitely be reaching out to him again in the future!

Akilah Dressekie – October 20, 2023 - 6:35am

Akilah Dressekie

Working with David Sherman at Ratehub was an amazing experience. He expertly moved us through our pre-approval right to the maze of paperwork when we were ready to buy our home. He also got us an AMAZING interest rate that even my own bank and lawyer were stunned to see. I recommend him to anyone looking for seamless, expert service and great rates.

bhavik patel – October 18, 2023 - 11:20pm

bhavik patel

The random form filled up with Kaunain just before my long vacation turned out to be excellent rate offered by him. He had excellent knowledge on interest calculations and comparison of different offers if you have any. He helped me to navigate how to choose meticulously. He always responded all my questions (even 100 thousand lines of question).

Ashli Cucullo – October 16, 2023 - 6:39pm

Ashli Cucullo

We had Kaunain help us with our mortgage renewal and consolidation. He made everything so easy and pain free. He was great to work with and would definitely recommend his services. We will be dealing with him again when our new t renewal is up. Great service!!

Zelimir Stanojev – October 14, 2023 - 6:56pm

Zelimir Stanojev

I would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received from Diane Sousa from Rate Hub during the entire mortgage process. She made the transition quick and painless. We enjoyed working with her very much and will look to Rate Hub again if we need a better rate at our next renewal.

Erian Amor De Los Reyes – October 13, 2023 - 2:27pm

Erian Amor De Los Reyes

Let me just start with... We are so incredibly happy with our new home! We would never thought that this was possible-- and Danielle Best, helped us each step of the way. She was so patient with us-- especially being new home buyers and all. I cannot express how grateful we are of her experience and knowledge as we embarked on our biggest journey yet. She made the whole process easy and most importantly helped us navigate and stay calm on what could have been a very stressful process. Thank you so much!

Michael Anthony – October 6, 2023 - 7:41pm

Michael Anthony

Overall the experience working with RateHub was positive, they provided support and guidance to obtain a mortgage, home and car insurance and found great rates. The company can improve by keeping all documents provided together as some were requested as many as 3 times. In addition, setting out of office alerts with backup contact information would be helpful. Had one agent respond rudely when feedback was shared. Special recognition to Domenic T. who provided exceptional service, replied to and actioned every email with a sense of urgency, was organized throughout and always courteous and professional.

Brianna Proulx – October 3, 2023 - 8:43pm

Brianna Proulx

Diane Sousa was very helpful with changing the bank we deal with and found us the lowest mortgage rate and also helped me set everything up before our renewal date. She made the transition quick and painless. I enjoyed working with her very much and will look to rate hub again if we need a better rate at our next renewal

Francis Ngane – September 19, 2023 - 1:11pm

Francis Ngane

Was a pleasure working with Diane on my mortgage application. As a first-time home buyer and a new immigrant, I wasn't too sure of what the process was and had lots of queries, which Diane responded to always in a timely manner. She always provided me with updates, communicated bank requirements timeously and ensured that we always provided all requested information/documents. At the end had my mortgage approved and a good rate as well. Thank you for your excellent service!!

Domenic Marchese – September 1, 2023 - 10:42am

Domenic Marchese

I worked with Domenic for my mortgage renewal process and the experience was as smooth as you can expect a mortgage renewal could be. We had a good communication line going throughout the whole time and he was able to beat all the other available rates for me at the time. The signing process was fairly straight forward and convenient. Would definitely recommend for a renewal or home purchase!

Grace Gonzales – August 31, 2023 - 8:24am

Grace Gonzales

Damion Waite worked his magic on us and closed the deal in just 2 weeks. We were first-time home buyers and we started the process with another brokerage months ago. After being extended twice for the closing date, we opted to go to ratehub with 2 weeks remaining for our last extension. And that's when all the magic started. He guaranteed us that he would get us a new lender and close the deal on time, and he did! Thanks to him we were able to get the house and with a lower interest rate too! He is highly skilled in what he does and is someone I will definitely recommend.

Natasha Lachance – August 20, 2023 - 6:36am

Natasha Lachance

A colleague recommended Danny to assist with my mortgage needs in this time of unknowns and escalated rates. The client service I consistently received was likely the best I’ve seen in many years! Danny is concise and knowledgeable, punctual, and always friendly when answering a multitude of questions. He remains with the process right to the end, and welcomes any future follow up you might have, anytime. I will always recommend him as a Mortgage Agent to anyone looking for top service!

Cla Bryan – August 18, 2023 - 10:11am

Cla Bryan

I had the pleasure of working with Danny and I can't tell you enough about the experience I received. Danny is a true professional who knows how to deliver excellent service. He was always on top of everything, keeping me updated and informed throughout the process. He was very courteous and respectful, and never made me feel like I was bothering him with my questions. He worked hard to secure me the best possible rate for my mortgage renewal, and he exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend Danny to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy mortgage broker. He is simply the best and I would absolutely use him again in the future.

Kim Flobin – August 17, 2023 - 3:21pm

Kim Flobin

I had to refinance the house and I shopped around to get the best rates and for approval. I called banks, visited credit unions and other companies that offers mortgages. Registered on Ratehub one evening and got an email from Robert Cullen the next day. I called him the same day and he helped me right away. The best mortgage agent ever! Went above and beyond to help me get what I needed and got me the best rate. I highly recommend him! Thanks again, Rob!

Josh 007 – August 17, 2023 - 10:39am

Josh 007

Robert at RateHub is amazing! He was supportive all the way through our long journey of buying a new house to grow our family - even though I had a ton of detailed, technical questions he put us at ease and showed us the important information and next steps. Not only do you get great self-help tools on their site but the mortgage rates can't be beat, and the level of customer service is unreal! Keep up the great work RateHub!

Gustavo Costa – August 12, 2023 - 1:11pm

Gustavo Costa

We had an amazing experience with Ratehub. More specific with Robert De Benedictis. He is an amazing professional, always accessible to answer our questions, walked us through all the steps for our mortgage process and got us confident on what we were doing. Not only this, but got us a great rate for our mortgage. Overall a great Company with great people!

Lilian Huang – August 1, 2023 - 12:25pm

Lilian Huang

As a satisfied customer, I want to extend my appreciation to the mortgage representative Mandeep Singh and team for his exceptional assistance in helping us find the best mortgage rate. Their responsiveness and dedication to promptly addressing our questions and keeping us well-informed about the progress were truly invaluable. It has been a pleasure working with them, and their efforts have made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Thank you once again for your outstanding service!

Bahaa Habra – July 30, 2023 - 10:22pm

Bahaa Habra

the best mortgage brokers in Canada, i am so satisfied with the service they provided me as they saved me from other providers where the normal rates was at least 0.3% higher. i got approved in a very short time comparing to other providers. special thanks to my broker Vlad. he is a great broker that i recommend for sure, the communication was efficient and convenient.

Rob Chidiac – July 24, 2023 - 12:50pm

Rob Chidiac

Danny Soeur was my Mortgage Agent. Danny was great with always responding back to my questions in a timely manner and went over and beyond in explaining his answers to ensure they were fully understood. Even though the rates were set when we first entered into the mortgage agreement, he went out and got my rate reduced when the the banks made reductions on the listed rates (since my mortgage hadn't started yet, we still were able to get the rates adjusted for my benefit). Overall, very satisfied with the service provided by Danny. I would use him again or recommend to anyone looking for an agent.

Greg Martin – July 21, 2023 - 2:50pm

Greg Martin

David Sherman and the RateHub team were well-informed, organized, helpful and committed. He took our call whenever we had any questions (and trust me, we had lots) and was never dismissive of our concerns. He made our first home-buying experience smooth and even got us a decent rebate from the lender. I really recommend at least giving these guys a call!

Parisa Farukh – July 20, 2023 - 11:54am

Parisa Farukh

Danny was an amazing mortgage broker who made a very difficult process as easy as possible. He always spent a lot of time explaining details of every offer I made and answering any questions I had (sometimes I had many). He was also very proactive getting all the information required related to the mortgage, which resulted in getting my mortgage approved overnight. I would 100% recommend Danny and Ratehub.

Bharath P – July 20, 2023 - 10:54am

Bharath P

I would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received from Robert Cullen from Rate Hub during the entire mortgage process. Robert Cullen’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry was impressive and truly appreciated. As first time home buyers, everything was new to us and the most important thing we wanted was someone we could trust. His commitment in finding us the best rate helped us in our search for our first home smoothly. He was there for us every step of the way. I'm glad we chose his services and would recommend Rob to anyone buying a home. Rob went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met and that everything was handled thoroughly and efficiently. We have and will continue to recommend him in the future.

Debarshi Biswas – July 13, 2023 - 2:49pm

Debarshi Biswas

The overall experience was good. I dock a star because of a couple of things. I was a little unhappy about was the way the documentation requests were handled. I was asked multiple times to to submit documents and from what I could understand I had already sent those out previously. The second point, it’s a little technical and I don’t remember the exact term for it, but unfortunately I wasn’t eligible for it although I was told I should be eligible for it. What I would suggest is that, before telling the customer about what’s possible and whats not, send the application out to the lender and once they get back with the details lay them out to the customer. Apart from that I didn’t really have issues. I was not given the best rate but maybe the next best as my broker advised me that the lender with the lowest rate wasn’t the greatest with handling of the whole situation. That’s a +1 point to my broker. He used his experience to save me from trouble from a mortgage provider should they have screwed up. To add to it, he even followed up once everything was over and done with. I recommend their services for sure and I may even go back for when my renewal comes up. Saves me the trouble of hunting for the best rates.

Divyesh Shah – July 12, 2023 - 5:35pm

Divyesh Shah

Great customer service! I would recommend Kaunain Taki to anyone looking for mortgage services. He is attentive and always responded in timely manner. I received a good rate from one of the big five Banks, thanks to him. He helped me through out the process and patiently answered all my doubts. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

Karan Verma – July 11, 2023 - 7:29am

Karan Verma

I worked with Hitesh during this journey and he made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. He gave us lot of ideas and went above and beyond to ensure all is well during our mortgage process. Even during his vacation he ensured we are doing good and things are running smoothly

Naveen Khatri – July 5, 2023 - 6:59pm

Naveen Khatri

Abdul from Ratehub was incredibly knowledgeable and understanding. They took the time to assess my unique financial situation, listened attentively to my needs, and provided tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with my goals. Their expertise in the mortgage industry was evident, and they effortlessly guided me through the entire process, answering my questions and addressing any concerns along the way. In addition to their exceptional customer service, Abdul and ratehub offered competitive rates and terms. They took the time to thoroughly explain the various options available to me, allowing me to choose the mortgage product that best suited my needs. Strongly recommend.

NM Correale – July 4, 2023 - 11:44am

NM Correale

Our agent, Eric, got us a better deal than what our friends were getting. He was always available and got back to us really quickly about all of our questions, concerns, and uniquely complicated situation. I could tell Eric really cared about his job and he was good at it. We will definitely use Ratehub again.

Michael Wilchesky – June 30, 2023 - 12:47pm

Michael Wilchesky

Ratehub was fantastic. I agree with all the other 5-star reviews. The service was incredible. They were quick to respond to e-mails. They spent lots of time explaining things to me on the phone. They were able to answer all of my many questions. They got me a fantastic rate. They kept their word all the way through. I was extremely impressed.

Marilena Biscotti – June 30, 2023 - 9:50am

Marilena Biscotti

My husband and I recently used Ratehub to secure a mortgage. The service provided to us by Kaunain Taki was 5+. He helped us find the most competitive rate, was knowledgeable about the various options that made sense for us, was available to answer any questions, he monitored the market for changes during the waiting time, and kept us on top of the many documents that were required to complete our application. He was friendly, attentive, and competent. I would highly recommend him and Ratehub to anyone looking to get a mortgage. It was refreshing to receive such great customer service post Covid!

Eugenia Lee – June 28, 2023 - 10:26am

Eugenia Lee

I simply cannot express how grateful I am to have been connected with the incredible Abdul as our broker. Abdul attentively listened to all my inquiries, providing patient and thorough answers while expertly guiding me through the entire process. Knowing my desire for a quick closing, he went above and beyond by providing daily updates, alleviating any anxiety I had along the way. I am absolutely happy with my experience at Ratehub.

John Urbanowicz – June 17, 2023 - 3:16pm

John Urbanowicz

With service from the bigger financial institutions leaving a lot to be desired, I decided to give Ratehub a try. The decision was a good one and having worked with Robert in particular to sort out my mortgage application, I'm sure to be a repeat customer going forward. Robert and his team were very attentive and thorough, ensuring that all the information that could be needed to prevent any roadblocks were accounted for and in good order. They always made sure to answer my questions and help address any concerns I had with variables in the process. In the end, I got great service, peace of mind and a competitive rate to get me started in this housing market. Looking forward to working with Robert and Ratehub again.

Becky Wengle – June 15, 2023 - 1:51pm

Becky Wengle

We worked with Abdul- and he was super professional, organized, timely and friendly. He gave us the best rate we could find, and even weeks later leading up to renewal- the rate had changed 3 times and we were still able to renew with the lowest rate locked in when we initially spoke. The process was completely laid out for us and it only required a phone call on our end. We would definitely use Ratehub again when we need to renew and would be great if we could work with Abdul again!

Lior Bar-David – May 10, 2023 - 11:26am

Lior Bar-David

Danielle Best, really is the best. I've never used a broker before but they were fantastic! They were able to get highly competitive rates that my current lender wasn't willing to entertain. I would certainly use them again and had a wonderful experience. I found the agent responsive, friendly, knowledgable and polite. World class service compared to talking with the big banks.

mike wolf – May 6, 2023 - 4:08pm

mike wolf

I just had Domenic at ratehub help me through a mortgage renewal. He was friendly, helpful and was definitely working in my best interest. He got me a great rate and continued sending me updated (lower) rates as he kept negotiating with the bank on my behalf. I’ve already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.

Emmanuel Thompson – April 24, 2023 - 4:12pm

Emmanuel Thompson

I had the pleasure of working with Vladimir for my recent mortgage application. He was professional, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the mortgage process. Vlad was able to secure me a great rate and made the entire process stress-free. He was always available to answer my questions and provided excellent guidance throughout. I would definitely work with Vlad again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a mortgage broker.

Julie Nicole Laskey – March 31, 2023 - 6:27pm

Julie Nicole Laskey

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Ratehub!! We were fortunate to be paired up with the amazing Danielle Best as our broker and from our very first phone call,I just KNEW we were in good hands. Danielle took the time to listen and patiently answer all my questions and guide me thru the process of renewing our mortgage with confidence and ease. After being severely let down by our existing bank,Danielle knew exactly which bank we should go with and was confident that we would get exactly what we wanted. She secured us a rate within the first few days that was almost a full percentage lower than any of the other big banks. Not only did she deliver,she exceeded my expectations and I feel like I made a new friend in the process. Do NOT hesitate to use this company. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

Praveen Gurrala – March 23, 2023 - 6:19pm

Praveen Gurrala

I recently worked with Damion, and I cannot recommend him enough. He is an exceptional mortgage broker who went above and beyond to help me renew my mortgage with a great discount rate. From start to finish, he was professional, attentive, and responsive to my needs. Damion took the time to explain the mortgage renewal process and helped me understand my options. He was patient and thorough in answering all my questions, and he worked tirelessly to find me the best possible rate. Thanks to his expertise and hard work, I was able to save a significant amount of money on my mortgage payments. Overall, I had an excellent experience working with Damion. He is a true professional who cares about his clients and works tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction. If you're in need of a mortgage broker, I highly recommend Damion. You won't be disappointed!

Hannah – February 20, 2023 - 7:35pm


I worked with Danielle Best at RateHub, and I couldn't speak more highly of her services, demeanour, and overall approach. She was personable, empathetic, and made sure I felt confident and aware of all of the different options that were available to me when looking to renew and switch my mortgage. She was empathetic to the stresses of renewal with the higher rates, and took her time to detail every option that I would have available to me. I never felt pressured, and constantly felt assured that she was taking all of my concerns and questions into account when offering me solutions. It is a stressful time for a lot of us financially, and it helps so much to have someone that demonstrates so many wonderful and human qualities - while also having incredible insight - when navigating a huge financial decision. She knows her stuff and is a delight to work with. I truly couldn't recommend Danielle more if you are looking to get or switch a mortgage! She is an absolute gem. Thank you SO much Danielle!

Clayton Hunt – December 14, 2022 - 5:42pm

Clayton Hunt

This was the second time I've used Rate hub's services, and both times I have found the mortgage agents to be knowledgeable and professional. David Sherman assisted in our most recent transaction. He was very helpful in attending to all the details throughout the process in a timely manner. He was courteous, and I felt he had our best interests in mind throughout. Highly recommend.

ramie dullard – November 18, 2022 - 6:08am

ramie dullard

Absolutely fantastic service. My wife and I had the good fortune of having David Sherman as our agent. As first time buyers in Canada with very limited credit history he had no easy task!! David guided us through the whole process with professionalism, courtesy and a lot of patience. In light of recent rate hikes , the product he recommended seems almost prophetic. To top it all off , due to our little friend 'covid' everything had to be done remotely. Thanks again David.

Amar Sahota – November 9, 2022 - 8:25pm

Amar Sahota

Great company with great service. They were able to help me refinance a property when many other banks kept declining me. The mortgage agent I worked with was awesome and made the process as pain free as possible. She was always responsive and always offered solutions. I would highly recommend this company for your financing needs.

K. V. – November 4, 2022 - 10:37am

K. V.

I worked with Jeffrey Macapinlac on several occasions now and had to write a review to get the good word out. He has to be the best agent in the firm, very professional, trustworthy and personable. I have worked with other agents in the past, but he is so far above them by truly caring about you and your needs and making the process as easy as possible. I will definitely work with him again and I highly recommend him to anyone as he ensures a very smooth and stress-free experience, all while ensuring you get the best mortgage rate for your needs - Kev.

Nayanashri T.A. – September 15, 2022 - 9:07pm

Nayanashri T.A.

Wish we had known about this pain free process when we first bought our home. We worked with Robert Cullen and it was smooth sailing. He didn't recommend anything unnecessary and no false promises. Very straightforward and responsive. Gave us realistic expectations and clear instructions on how to go about the paperwork. The application process was ridiculously simple. Robert was also very understanding of our concerns with the fast changing interest rates and found us the right product to renew our mortgage. The signing process was also very well organized given that it was done remotely. Would recommended 100%

Robert Immanuel – September 1, 2022 - 9:53am

Robert Immanuel

I strongly recommend David Sherman from He is very professional, diligent and kind. He took the time to carefully explain and evaluate various mortgage options for my family and then helped us to settle on the best one. He was very responsive and patiently addressed all of our questions. Despite being faced with a short time frame, he ensured that everything went smoothly and closed on time. It is truly a pleasure to work with David.

Gem Escandor – July 25, 2022 - 1:10am

Gem Escandor

We worked with Robert Cullen and hands down the best broker! I have already recommended him to a couple of my friends and will definitely recommend to everyone else. He worked with us tirelessly and make sure our deal goes through smoothly and reassured me countless times when I was stressing out both with looking for a house and selling. We have worked with another broker from our first house and had such a bad experience but Robert definitely changed our perspective with going through a broker. He explained the whole process, the differences on all of our options and was just great with all of our questions and very personable! Will definitely work with him again.

Garima Kharkwal – June 19, 2022 - 7:52am

Garima Kharkwal

As a first-time home buyer and mortgage borrower, Robert De Benedictis was the best mortgage broker I could have asked for! He was very knowledgeable and professional helping me get the best available rate in the market. He was friendly, responsive, and kept me informed every step of the way. There were some issues with my paperwork, but Robert was patient and helpful throughout and I was able to resolve it quickly. I’m incredibly happy with the service and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for mortgage.

Peter Sarabosing – May 30, 2022 - 8:40am

Peter Sarabosing

We had an excellent experience working with David Sherman on our mortgage renewal. He kept us very well informed, and was very responsive to all of our questions. The process was very smooth and transparent thanks to David's attention to detail, and we would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a fantastic rate on their mortgage renewal. Well done sir!

Sudha Varanasi – May 4, 2022 - 3:51pm

Sudha Varanasi

We are first time home buyers and first time mortgage borrowers. Because of Robert we were able to successfully find and secure the right mortgage for us. It was a smooth process without any surprises. This would not be possible without Robert, he patiently answered all our questions and shared his valuable suggestions. We feel very glad and lucky to have worked with him. Would definitely recommend him for any one looking for mortgage.

Pavla Horsak – March 14, 2022 - 11:41am

Pavla Horsak

It was our first time dealing with CanWise Financial and we would highly recommend this company. We were dealing with Kevin Song, mortgage broker and we think (correction, we know) that Kevin is the best. He is professional, very knowledgeable, pleasant to deal with and he goes way beyond to help and make sure that everything is in order etc. If we could give him 6 stars, we would. Thank you Kevin for making this process easy and without stress.