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CanWise is pleased to offer a full suite of life insurance brokerage products via CanWise Insurance Services. Our fully licensed insurance brokerage provides a variety of coverages in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, including Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability Insurance. Connect with one of CanWise’s experienced insurance agents to help navigate the process of selecting and buying the right coverage and plan for you and your family’s needs.


Life insurance services we offer:

  • Term Life Insurance - The most cost-effective and basic coverage available, Term Life Insurance ensures the protection and security of your loved ones and estate in the event of a premature death. Coverage lasts for a specific term (10, 20, 25, or 30 years), during which the cost will never increase. This kind of Life Insurance is great to pair with a mortgage to provide comprehensive peace of mind for you and your estate, as an alternative to the creditor plans offered by your mortgage lender.
  • Permanent Life Insurance - This premium product, also referred to as Whole Life or Universal Insurance, offers policyholders the greatest flexibility, and additional features not commonly found in basic plans. A Permanent Life Insurance Plan can be set up to be a valuable part of your estate, accumulating cash value, as well as a share in dividends from the insurance provider. With this kind of plan, you can be assured you’ll never outlive your insurance coverage, and are building a legacy to leave behind. CanWise Insurance Services can facilitate the right plan that fits your aspirations and budget.
  • Disability Insurance - Sustaining a serious injury that can prevent you from earning your livelihood is a real risk, and is a major contributing cause of mortgage defaults and loss of savings. For individuals not covered through a group disability plan, this coverage can fill the gap, giving you the security to focus on rest and recovery – without fear of lost income.
  • Critical Illness - Having a critical illness is both emotionally and financially devastating – and it will impact one in two Canadians at some point during their lifetime. Having the right Critical Illness plan is crucial in ensuring you and your family have the financial support you need, so you can focus on recovery. Some plans include a 100% return of premium if no diagnosis occurs. CanWise Insurance Services is dedicated to helping clients find the right plan that fits your budget and goals.
  • Family protection - Ensuring your family is provided for financially is vital to protecting what matters most. CanWise Insurance Services can help any size and type of family ensure that their loved ones can continue their standard of living, no matter what happens.
  • Business protection - All organizations, whether large or small or run by a sole proprietor, need to protect their most valuable assets – their key personnel. Ensure your business can continue in the event of illness or the death of a key person, and that the residual value of your business enterprise will be preserved. CanWise Insurance Services has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to create a corporate protection plan for any size and type of business.


Frequently asked questions:


We understand the urgency in providing you with the right coverage, as fast as possible. We work with progressive and forward-thinking insurance carriers that use the latest technologies and innovative application systems that facilitate expedited service. In some cases, applications can be underwritten and approved within 0-2 days – sometimes within hours.


No. We can do the entire application process right over the phone and from the comfort of your home. We are environmentally conscious and aim to have a 100% paperless client experience.


Never. Our consultations and assessments are always complimentary, and we never charge fees to business and family clients – we are compensated directly by the insurance carrier. There is never an obligation to purchase a plan from us.


Our Life Insurance Team:

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