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BNN Bloomberg Taking Stock - Federal Budget overview
CityTV Vancouver You’ll need to earn more than $230,000 if you want to buy a home in Vancouver
Global News Some fixed mortgage rates are up despite hints of Bank of Canada cuts. Why?
The Toronto Star Ottawa’s new 30-year mortgage rule won’t help solve the affordability crisis — here’s why
Daily Hive Calgary What to expect from next week's Bank of Canada interest rate announcement
The Toronto Star Think Toronto homes are a better deal now than the 2022 peak? A look at carrying costs paints a bleak picture — and it's getting worse
CTV News Atlantic Atlantic Canada sees low inventory on housing market heading into 2024
Global News Variable or short-term fixed mortgage? Where experts see the ‘sweet spot’
CBC News Bank of Canada worries a rate cut now could overheat the spring housing market
TVA Nouvelles Taux directeur, à quoi s'attendre? «On va voir des baisses de la Banque du Canada en 2024»
The Canadian Press CMHC ends first-time homebuyer incentive, a program critics say 'made no sense'
Financial Post Posthaste: Sidelined homebuyers just waiting for the Bank of Canada to cut rates
CTV News Ottawa Here's how much you need to earn to buy a home in Ottawa this winter
Noovo Info Le revenu minimum pour acheter une propriété à Montréal à la baisse... pour le moment
Yahoo! Finance Canada Canada real estate: Income needed to buy a home falls nationwide in January
The Globe and Mail Getting or renewing a mortgage in 2024? Four interest rate strategies to consider
Noovo Info Quel revenu faut-il pour acheter un logement à Montréal au début de 2024?
The Toronto Star Does it make sense to port your mortgage to the new house you just bought?
Global News Fixed mortgage rates are on the decline. Is now the time to lock in?
CBC News Some mortgage rates are dropping, but renewed loans could keep economy slow
Global News Signs of lower interest rates could fuel Canada’s housing market rebound
The Canadian Press Here's how October's inflation data could affect mortgage renewals
The Toronto Star Toronto home prices are dipping — but you still need to make over $230K to afford one
CBC News Inflation is cooling. The cost of living crisis is not
BNN Bloomberg Taking Stock - Rates and debt in Canada
Noovo Quel salaire faut-il pour acheter une maison à Sherbrooke?
BNN Bloomberg Changes in home affordability
Noovo Quel salaire faut-il pour acheter un logement à Montréal?
The Globe and Mail Mortgage renewing soon? Here are four strategies to reduce the financial pain
Calgary Herald Canadians need more income to buy a home
Reuters Analysis: Little relief for indebted Canadian homeowners as mortgage rates seen higher for longer
Global News Canadian home prices have stabilized. Will incomes ever catch up?
BNN Bloomberg As home prices stabilize, the income required to own climbs
CTV News Vancouver 'It's ridiculous': Annual income of $177,000 needed to afford to buy a home in Victoria
Noovo Info L’accessibilité à la propriété s’est dégradée à Montréal entre mai et juin
Global News Stretching mortgage amortizations could cost you more than you think
The Canadian Press Watchdog unveils guidelines to support mortgage-holders under financial stress
Financial Post Homeowners abandon variable-rate mortgages for fixed-rate alternatives as interest rates rise
blogTO Here's what you need to earn to afford a home in Toronto vs. other cities in Canada now
Conseiller Augmentation du taux directeur
The Canadian Press What the interest rate hike means for mortgage holders, home hunters
The Globe and Mail Bank of Canada rate hike a possibility this week, economists say
Toronto Star Some experts say mortgage rates could drop next year. Is it time to go short term?
Journal de Montreal Inflation: le coût d'un prêt hypothécaire a bondi de 28,5 % en un an
Financial Post Posthaste: Canadians' love affair with variable-rate mortgages is over — now there's a new thing
BNN Bloomberg GTA housing market showing signs of tightening: Toronto real estate board
Global News ‘Never been a harder time’: Here’s the income you need to buy a home in Canada
CBC News ​​You'd need a raise of almost $20K to afford the same Calgary home you didn't buy last year
Global News What's next as Bank of Canada's key interest rate holds steady
TVA Nouvelles Hausse des taux d'intérêt: les constructions neuves chutent drastiquement
The Globe and Mail Big mortgages, few listings and fierce competition: Welcome to the spring housing market of 2023
Conseiller Le secteur immobilier satisfait du maintien du taux directeur
Global News What the Bank of Canada’s rate hold means for the spring housing market
CBC News 3 reasons the Bank of Canada may be set to pause interest rate hikes
BNN Bloomberg Taking Stock: As rates stay high, what's the best strategy on mortgage renewals
Toronto Star How much income do you need to buy a home in Toronto? Thousands more than last year
BNN Bloomberg Toronto extends deadline for Vacant Home Tax declarations
Toronto Star A year of living dangerously: How the housing market went from euphoric high to major burden
Toronto Star QuickQuotes: Reaction to the Bank of Canada’s latest rate hike
Radio-Canada Que représente pour vous cette nouvelle hausse du taux directeur?
Daily Hive What to expect from Bank of Canada's next interest rate announcement
The Toronto Star Canada keeps mortgage stress test rate unchanged — so it now takes more than $200,000 in income to buy a typical Toronto home
Global News Interest rates have soared in 2022. Here’s how much more you’re paying to borrow
BNN Bloomberg Taking Stock - Rising rates effect on mortgages
Daily Hive What to expect from the upcoming Bank of Canada interest rate announcement
The Toronto Star Your mortgage interest payments are likely going up. Is there a way to reduce them?
BNN Bloomberg Interest on some mortgages in 2022 up 250% from the previous year:
CTV News Analysis: The income you need to buy a house in these major Canadian cities
La Presse Petite lueur d’espoir pour l’abordabilité des propriétés
La Presse L’inquiétude hypothécaire en 10 questions
The Hamilton Spectator Income of $167,000 needed to buy average Hamilton home:
Niagara Falls Review Home buyers struggle to afford home despite falling prices
Global News Trigger point: Why some mortgage holders may have to pay more as interest rates rise
CTV News How another Bank of Canada interest rate hike could impact your mortgage
CityNews Most GTA millennials who aspire to buy home would need to relocate: Poll
CTV News Sellers 'expecting yesterday's prices': Canadians cope with a correcting housing market
Reuters Canadian home buyers return to fixed-rate loans as economy wobbles
La Presse Le logement encore plus inabordable
Toronto Star You need an income of over $220K to buy a home in Toronto, Vancouver, new data shows
La Presse Les réactions du milieu financier
BNN Bloomberg What to know when switching your variable mortgage to a fixed rate
Reuters Canada's CIBC 'comfortable' with mortgage book, watching for signs of stress
CTV News CTV National News: Canada's interest rates rise
Le Nouvelliste Taux directeur en hausse : les taux variables toujours avantageux
The Globe and Mail Bank of Canada expected to announce another supersized interest rate hike to help temper inflation
Toronto Star How much do you need to earn to buy a home in Toronto? Even more than you’d think
Toronto Star Is Toronto’s housing market finally cooling? Experts say they’re already seeing signs it’s slowing down
Calgary Herald Getting ready to buy: Tips for first-time buyers to prepare for house hunting Ratehub Inc. Rebrands Award-Winning Mortgage Brokerage from CanWise Financial to
La Presse Fin de récréation dans les taux hypothécaires !
BNN Bloomberg As rates go up, so will the stress test:
The Globe and Mail Central bankers and economists are practically screaming a warning of much higher rates on mortgages and HELOCs
Global News Canada housing market showing signs of ‘cooling’ as more interest rate hikes loom
La Presse L’effet sur l’inflation se fera attendre
Les Affaires Une hausse du taux directeur pourrait coûter cher aux propriétaires
La Presse Mieux vaut bloquer ses taux avant les hausses de la Banque du Canada
The Globe and Mail Mortgages 101: What’s a mortgage and how to choose between fixed and variable rates in Canada?
CTV National News Interest rates go unchanged
BNN Bloomberg What BoC rate hikes mean for you, your portfolio and the economy
The Toronto Star Singapore taxes investment homes up to 30 per cent. Could a similar tax cool off prices here?
Financial Post Posthaste: 'Outlook for buyers is grim' — Big squeeze pushes housing affordability to worst in 31 years
Reuters Canada keeps mortgage stress test benchmark unchanged despite hot housing market
The Toronto Star How much income do I need to buy a home in Toronto? The answer is shocking
Global News Canadians scramble to get mortgage pre-approvals as rate hikes loom
BNN Bloomberg If you need a mortgage, get it right now. Or consider switching to a fixed mortgage from variable: co-founder
Yahoo! Finance Bank of Canada ends quantitative easing, signals rate hikes could come sooner
Canadian Mortgage Professional Fintech crosses $10 billion in funded mortgages
CBC News Bank of Canada holds key interest rates steady in cautious approach to economic recovery
The Globe and Mail Expert tips on buying a new home, townhouse or condo
Global News Reality check: How credible are the election promises on housing?
CTV News Pattie Lovett-Reid: What the parties are promising for homebuyers
The Toronto Star Tories, NDP pledge housing affordability solutions ahead of federal election
BNN Bloomberg Mortgage rates hit historic lows close to free money: Mortgage professional
Calgary Herald CMHC eases qualifying for mortgage insurance
Yahoo Finance The lowest 5-year variable-rate mortgage in Canadian history is here
CBC News New stress test level makes it harder to qualify for a mortgage in Canada
CBC News Tougher stress test makes it harder to get a mortgage in Canada
Calgary Herald Brokers expect expanded stress test rules to most affect first-time homebuyers
Global News New mortgage stress test rules are coming June 1
BNN Bloomberg OSFI's stress test proposal will add fuel to housing market over next few months: co-founder
The Toronto Star Canadian regulator might make it harder for some people to buy a home, in order to cool down the housing market
CBC News Bank regulator proposes higher mortgage stress test level, making it harder to qualify for home loan
CBC News Alberta pushes Ottawa for revisions to mortgage stress test as changes left on hold
Yahoo! Finance Canadian banks raise some mortgage rates, lower others
The Globe and Mail Canada’s mortgage rates edging higher for first time since start of COVID-19 pandemic
CTV News Pattie Lovett-Reid: Bank of Canada governor sees signs of 'excess exuberance' in real estate market
Calgary Herald ‘A good time to buy’: Albertans more positive about housing market than most Canadians
Global News Thinking of taking on more debt? How to DIY your own financial stress test
BNN Bloomberg Mortgage rates should stay low throughout 2021: co-founder
The Canadian Press Home prices to rise more than 9% in 2021, Canadian Real Estate Association forecasts
CTV News Real estate booming despite pandemic
CBC News Mortgage rates hit a new low, with Canadian bank posting below 1%
Newswire Ratehub Inc. moves into mortgage lending, doubles down on its digital brokerage model
BNN Bloomberg Federal aid needed, but 'it will not be infinite': Freeland
Calgary Sun No movement on The Bank of Canada's overnight rate
Global News What to do if your mortgage deferrals are almost over and you can’t pay
Yahoo! Finance Requirements for homebuyers ease after stress test rate falls Low mortgage rate environment could last two or three years
Financial Post Posthaste: Canada’s economy will struggle with the effects of COVID-19 for next 10 years, say economists
MSN Money Refinancing and mortgage renewal requests soar as homeowners rush to reap the lowest rate
CTV News COVID-19 pandemic pushes Canadian interest rates to near historic lows
Global News What do the new CMHC rules mean for homebuyers?
Mortgage Broker News Bank of Canada overnight rate decision shows confidence in economy's resilience
Yahoo! Finance Tempted by low mortgage rates? Consider fees, penalties for refinancing first
The Toronto Star Home sales are down 69% — is this a once-in-a-decade chance to get into Toronto’s housing market?
Vice Canada Sadly, the Pandemic Could Be Millennials' Best Chance to Buy a House
CBC News Interest rates are plunging — so why aren't mortgage rates?
Financial Post Mortgage rates on the rise again as coronavirus and oil shock weigh on lenders' minds
Global News Coronavirus: Need help with mortgage payments? There are options
CP24 Immediate worry of COVID-19 spurred Bank of Canada rate cut, Poloz says
CityNews Will the coronavirus affect the housing market?
BNN Bloomberg Ottawa easing stress test for insured mortgages starting April 6
The Toronto Star Big banks lower five-year fixed mortgage rate
CBC News Why worries about the coronavirus are pushing mortgage rates down
Homes Magazine Outlook 2020 – 5 things you need to know about real estate this year
Mortgage Broker News Exports, employment figures to force BoC rate cut next year Why the mortgage stress test has proved so controversial for first-time homebuyers — and retirees
Toronto Sun Learn the intricacies and risks of FTHBI before buying in
Edmonton Examiner CPC launches four-prong approach to housing affordability
Global News By the numbers: What to know about the Liberals’ new housing-incentive promise
Mortgage Broker News Five-year fixed rates of as low as 2.39% now available
BNN Bloomberg 5 ways the U.S. Fed's rate cut affects Canadians
Mortgage Broker News Will 5-year benchmark interest rate cut really help buyers?
Calgary Sun Bank of Canada's decision put hold on variable-rate mortgages
Livabl The Canadian mortgage market is heating up. Here’s where it’s heading for the rest of 2019
CBC News Government lays out fine print of new CMHC program that could contribute 10% to price of first home
Mortgage Broker News Mortgage rates are seeing some of their lowest levels in years Bank of Canada holds its rate as was expected
The Globe and Mail Bank of Canada urges lenders to offer longer-term mortgages
MSN Money Bank of Canada holds interest rate steady, hints low rates could stick around
Canadian Mortgage Professional Is Canadians' debt reaching a breaking point?
Toronto Storeys Federal Budget 2019: New Incentives For First-Time Buyers
Yahoo! News Bank of Canada holds interest rate steady but some suggest a rate cut could be back on the table
Global News Rates are up, prices down. How tough is the mortgage stress test across Canada today?
The Toronto Star Young families scrimp to own homes in Canada’s big cities, report finds
MSN Money Mortgage stress test needed despite hardships, says bank regulator Housing will be election issue for millennials
Yahoo! Finance RBC lowers fixed mortgage rate, other banks expected to follow suit
Huffington Post 5 things we can learn from real estate in 2018
Business News Network Expect downward pressure on fixed mortgage rates: Ratehub co-founder
MSN Money Why Canadians Really Need To Change Lenders At Mortgage Renewal Time, Especially Now
Homes Magazine Homebuyers undeterred by changes in mortgage landscape
Mortgage Broker News Tips to repairing bruised credit
Canadian Mortgage Trends New Rule Targets HELOC Holders Seeking a Second Mortgage
Enterprise Magazine Higher mortgage rates predicted due to trade agreement
Reno & Decor Magazine Interest rate hikes may not cost you as much as you think
Yahoo! Finance Prospective 1st-Time Homebuyers Are Even More Screwed Than Before
The Toronto Star Rate hike adds to homebuyers’ challenges, could shut out more first-time buyers
Vancouver Courier BoC raises interest rates again – what that means for you
Yahoo! News How The New USMCA Trade Deal Will Make Canadian Housing More Expensive
Global News What you probably don’t know about renewing your mortgage
The Globe and Mail Low credit score? How to appease picky mortgage lenders
Canadian Mortgage Trends After the Hike: Fixed or Variable?
Business News Network Why the Bank of Canada rate hike is a good thing
Mortgage Broker News Toronto on fire thanks to record housing starts
Canadian Real Estate Magazine Auto tariffs would hurt Toronto housing market
Yahoo! News Scam or security? Mortgage protection plan still confusing home buyers
Business News Network Ontario election primer: How the candidates' housing platforms could affect first-time homebuyers
CBC News Banks cutting variable rate mortgages even as fixed ones head higher
Business News Network The Real Economy for Monday, May 14, 2018 - James Laird on his mortgage shopping tips
Mortgage Broker News Taking advantage of regulatory change
Huffington Post Mortgage Rate War? BMO Offers What Is Possibly The Largest-Ever Discount On A Home Loan
CBC News Bank of Canada's mortgage 'stress test' rate climbs higher
Global News HELOC rates are going up – what you can do to avoid payment shock
Mortgage Broker News Robust market fundamentals buoy investments
Mortgage Broker News Canadian Mortgage Award winners reflect on accolades
Global News Here’s the income you need to pass the mortgage stress test across Canada
Mortgage Broker News Considering risk tolerance a must in the current borrowing climate
The Globe and Mail Home truths: The financial product that turned into a $207-billion debt trap
Business News Network Your Money Month: Should you get your mortgage with a credit union or a bank?
Canadian Mortgage Professional James Laird and Matt Leggett featured on the CMP Hot List 2018
CityNews Are we getting shortchanged on savings accounts rates?
Canadian Mortgage Professional The future will be digital
The Toronto Star What to expect from rising interest rates
The Globe and Mail BoC rate hike, coming on heels of new mortgage rules, hits home buyers
CanWise Press Release Ratehub Inc. Raises $12 Million to Accelerate Growth of Mortgage and Insurance Offerings
Business News Network The Impact of A Rate Hike On The Mortgage Market
CBC News Stress tests, foreign buyers and higher rates likely to impact housing market in 2018
AM 640 - Global News Canadians to face stress test when borrowing from a federally regulated mortgage lender
Maclean's How the new mortgage rules will affect homebuyers in 2018
MoneySense What the new mortgage rules mean for homebuyers
Yahoo! News Proposed Mortgage Rules Will Reduce Your Home-Buying Power By 21%: Report
Canadian Mortgage Trends What is the “Best” Mortgage Rate?
Mortgage Broker News Lender takes BoC to task
The Toronto Star Rate hike has consumers checking mortgages, debt load
The Globe and Mail Interest rates are rising. Here's why your savings account isn't growing
CBC News Big banks hike prime rates after Bank of Canada tightens monetary policy
Huffington Post Canadians May Be Spending Too Much Of Their Income On Housing
Business News Network Realtors brace for next mortgage crackdown amid shadow banking fear
Financial Post Consumers feel pinch as banks pass on full BoC hike, but not all the cuts
Huffington Post Get Ready For Higher Mortgage Rates, Canada
Bloomberg Buffett-Backed Home Capital Taps 'Very Canadian' Insider as CEO
Reuters Bank of Canada seen raising rates, first to follow the Fed higher
Financial Post Bank of Canada expected to raise its key rate for first time in nearly seven years
Global News What you need to know about mortgages if interest rates rise
Business News Network Comparing GIC rates after Home Capital boosts yield on its GIC
The Greater Fool It’s out there
MSN Caution: Mortgage Rates Could Start Rising ‘As Soon As July'
Reuters Canada's central bank acts to defuse housing market threat
HiBusiness Mortgage Rates To Go Up Says CanWise President
CBC News Paying more - James Laird on the rising cost of mortgage insurance
Business News Network Why your mortgage is about to get more expensive
CBC News U.S. Federal Reserve hikes key interest rate to twice that of Canada's
CTV News Mortgage expert warns U.S. Fed will cause rate increases in Canada
Global News What you need to consider before buying a home with family or friends
Business News Network When it comes to your mortgage, don't forget to consider the term
Financial Post Thinking about buying a home? Here are a few cold, hard facts to chew on
Huffington Post 3 Reasons Americans Can't Just Move To Canada And Buy Up Our Homes
The Globe and Mail Toronto condo buyers feeling the squeeze
MoneySense Increase in CMHC fees will have little impact on buyers
Financial Post Mortgage insurance premiums on the rise for Canadians, some by more than 10%
Global News What the housing market could look like in 2017
Global News Canadian mortgage rates could rise under Ottawa’s new rules
Maclean's Canadians could soon pay more for mortgages, say brokers
Mortgage Broker News Captain of His Own Ship: James Laird's Career To Date
Mortgage Broker News James Laird, President of CanWise Financial on CMP HOT LIST 2016
Mortgage Broker News Brokers react to FICOM decision
Which Mortgage CMP Hot List 2015
Mortgage Broker News CBC paints brokers with same brush as ‘shadow’ lenders
Mortgage Broker News What a fee-only model could look like
Business News Network Personal Investor: Spring brings a mortgage rate chill
Mortgage Broker News Broker expands into third market in less than a year of operations
Mortgage Broker News Two Brokerages Join Forces
Globe Adviser Toronto breaks $1-million barrier
The Globe and Mail Toronto housing market gets richer as it hits record $1-million price tag
Huff Post BC Will Canada's New Down Payment Rules Affect You?
The Greater Fool The Confusers
Home Openers How to develop a business plan that helps build your brand
Reuters Canada surprise rate cut keeps housing party going
News Max Canada's surprise rate cut keeps housing party going
The Toronto Star Why first-time home buyers are still taking the plunge: Mayers
Canadian Mortgage Trends Q&A with CanWise Financial’s James Laird
Metro News Banks take hard look at mortgaging Toronto's micro condos