Debarshi Biswas – July 13, 2023 - 2:49pm

Debarshi Biswas

The overall experience was good. I dock a star because of a couple of things. I was a little unhappy about was the way the documentation requests were handled. I was asked multiple times to to submit documents and from what I could understand I had already sent those out previously. The second point, it’s a little technical and I don’t remember the exact term for it, but unfortunately I wasn’t eligible for it although I was told I should be eligible for it. What I would suggest is that, before telling the customer about what’s possible and whats not, send the application out to the lender and once they get back with the details lay them out to the customer. Apart from that I didn’t really have issues. I was not given the best rate but maybe the next best as my broker advised me that the lender with the lowest rate wasn’t the greatest with handling of the whole situation. That’s a +1 point to my broker. He used his experience to save me from trouble from a mortgage provider should they have screwed up. To add to it, he even followed up once everything was over and done with. I recommend their services for sure and I may even go back for when my renewal comes up. Saves me the trouble of hunting for the best rates.