Khanh H. Pham – December 1, 2017 - 9:18am

Khanh H. Pham

Now I have a time to write a review for Bryan Freeman since my closing date was almost 1 year ago I should write a review for him earlier but if someone like me who owns the first home there is so many things you have to take care of your house after the closing date and did not have time to write a review, especially I am not often to leave a review but I guess this how is works nowadays . I am first time home buyer and very new to the mortgage process but I am glad to come to Bryan he was helping me through process easily and peacefully, I just had to provide what he needed for the mortgage approved and he did the rest. He also gave me very good rate for my mortgage this was most important to me as the first time home buyer I had to go shop around to find the best rate and their rate beat all big banks, one of teller in my bank (TD) said that was very good rate when she asked me where I mortgaged. To summary, I am glad that I decided to purchase a house last year and came to right person and right place for my mortgage need. Thank you Bryan for all your help.