Louisa Bai – January 10, 2018 - 7:47pm

Louisa Bai

I have nothing but amazing things to say about CanWise and Robert De Benedictis, who assisted me in getting my mortgage for my 1st home. I found CanWise online, read the reviews and was able to complete the application process electronically. Despite not physically going into their office and meeting Robert in person (which was very refreshing given the paper environment that most banks operate in), I was extremely comfortable with the services provided. Not only were they timely with my questions, I believe that Robert had my best interest in mind when helping me choose the most suitable product for my home. I most certainly did my homework and shopped around at a number of other financial institutions, including my employer at the time (a bank who offer's staff rates); CanWise was the most competitive by far. I do believe they have a great business model and will keep Robert in mind for any potential future needs. I'd recommend him to my family and close friends only, wouldn't want him to get too busy to help me in the future! Thanks again Robert.