Hilarie Caverly – August 31, 2018 - 5:56pm

Hilarie Caverly

The five stars goes directly to Jeffrey Macapinlac. As a first time home buyer, the whole process seemed overwhelming. I already had a mortgage lined up, but was doing more research on the usual process when I found a great rate on the CanWise site. The conditions didn't quite match my situation, but I called anyways on the off chance that it could work out. Jeff answered the phone and patiently answered many questions. Any answer he didn't have right away he got back to me quickly. After the first conversation, he did a little background work then got in touch with me again and said I could qualify for the great rate, but with a genuine "no pressure" attitude. Yes money talks, but I ultimately decided to work with Jeff as I felt that he was truly working for my best interest. There were some external bumps that he really helped smooth over, and followed up at every point along the journey of buying the house, making sure that I was informed. Thank you Jeff!