Andre Couture – October 15, 2018 - 8:49am

Andre Couture

I didn’t go with your typical Big 5 (banks) because I knew a brokerage firm could likely do better. After a bit of research I chose CanWise, mainly due to the extremely high number of reviews and their excellent rating. I didn’t pick my broker (you can) because I was new to CanWise. I was assigned Danny Soeur. From that point on the process was very smooth and while Danny kept me in the loop during all steps of the mortgage process, it was very easy to get a hold of him when I had questions: phone or email. There was a 1-2 day period that was a little intense with Danny emailing and calling me often, and that’s because he was working hard to lock in an excellent rate as they were about to go up that week. He locked it in and my wife and I are super thankful. This proves that Danny is working for you and he found us the absolute best rate he could, well below what my bank offered with essentially the same terms. This is likely a 5-7 year home in town that we’ll grow out of and want to move just outside of town fairly soon. When we’re ready to do so, we’ll reach out to Danny again and hopefully he’s still at CanWise. Thanks Danny! Andre, Jocelyn and Lenny the boxer