Jeff Schaller – May 17, 2020 - 10:05pm

Jeff Schaller

Bottom Line: I recommend CanWise Financial and will gladly engage them again in any future mortgage/refinance arrangements. Mr. Kristian M., the agent from CanWise who supported me all the way through this process was always very responsive yet patient with my inconsistent availability and responses. He was knowledgeable, provided very good, objective advice that was in my best interest. Kristian provided excellent upfront advice and put no pressure on me at all. Once I considered what he had told me, I proceeded to follow the application procedure and all went very smoothly. The CanWise’s website was secure and painless. I had been curious about mortgage brokers ever since I first heard about this service many years ago. Given the number of banks multiplied by the number of variations in terms available, it only makes sense that at some point a company will figure out how best to help out the customer - this is exactly my experience with CanWise. Everything went as smoothly as I had hoped. I highly recommend CanWise and will be calling them next time I need any mortgage/refinancing services.